Join Proptech Lithuania

We’re glad, that you’re interested in membership in the Lithuanian Proptech Association!

Our mission is to help companies that are based in Lithuania to prepare, transform, and thrive in the digital era. 

What do we expect from our members?

A progressive mindset, infinite thinking, which involves social responsibility, the highest ethical standards, sustainability principles, etc. 

Also – an attitude of cooperation, of sharing knowledge and experience for the benefit of our community members


Membership types:

The “Voting Membership” status is reserved for PropTech startups only.

The “Associated Membership” status is open to companies and individuals, who resonate and align with our Association’s mission and values.

The Associated Member status provides all the same benefits as the Voting Membership, except for the right to be elected to the Association’s Board, and the right to vote in the General Meetings. This is to reserve the right for the Startups to determine the Association’s strategic decisions. Otherwise, Startups would be simply outnumbered, and their voice would be lost.

Please contact our team if you need any help understanding the difference between membership types.

Membership fee 

The membership fee is €365 per year, which is just one Euro per day. The membership fee is to be paid 3 days after the Board confirms your membership.

Both membership types share the same membership benefits:

  • A Monthly newsletter
  • A community Telegram channel
  • Direct contact with our international network
  • Free consultations and necessary introductions
  • Various training workshops and seminars
  • Immersive community events
  • Consultations regarding fundraising

How to become a member?

  1. Fill out the form below or send us the membership application via email.
  2. We will inform you of the Board’s decision within 5 working days.
  3. After the Board approves your application, we will send you the information regarding the payment of the membership fee and will ask you to send us a high-res image of your company logo. 
  4. We will announce your membership on our social media channels and introduce you to the community.


Membership Application

Email us for membership: